MooooOOOOOoooooM! There’s a Pig in the Yard!

I had no idea there were any pigs in the neighborhood!  So when the Bigs came off the bus the other day yelling about the pig running loose, my first thought was “It’s not April Fool’s Day!”

Sure enough!  Apparently one of our Purdue professor neighbors a block away has two potbelly pigs who broke through his fence to get to the fallen apples on the other side.  Then they realized they were out and decided to go for an explore through the Hundred-Acre Neighborhood!

We followed them a bit to keep an eye out while another neighbor went to find the owners.  They were really stubborn (the pigs, not the owners) and were not about to go home without a very noisy fight.

I’m glad I didn’t take my brother up on his offer to give us one of his pigs!  Sorry, Jack!  We’ll stick to cats and dogs!


October 14, 2008 at 1:35 am 3 comments

Pssst! Wanna Feel Like a Kid Again?

Find your nearest roller rink, strap on a pair of blades and go crazy!

Emma and I spent a Saturday afternoon under the disco lights having a great time together.  It was her chosen reward for completing the first 100 lessons in her current Saxon math book.  

I was never much of a Roller Dome girl growing up, but I did spend a lot of time blading behind my “power stroller” when Kira and Mark were little.  (Yeah–sorry I almost dumped you that one time, Mark.  Luckily, the restraint system held you in and you hung there saying, “It’s okay!  I’m okay!” like a little trooper!)  

Anyway, I haven’t really bladed since living in Detroit.  I tried once in Maryland, but the hills were a way too scary for me.  And we were two and a half miles from pavement at Bug’s Bog, so that didn’t work.  I felt strong and my ankles did just fine yesterday, so maybe it’s time to give the blades a little tune-up and hit the trails here in town!

 Are you ready, Emma?!

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No Solicitation, Please!

One thing I enjoyed about living at Bug’s Bog was the lack of solicitors of any kind.  It’s amazing how many people are trolling the neighborhood on a daily basis, wanting to steal away my time.  I try to cut them a little slack, but sometimes I just have to ignore the doorbell–even when the potential annoyance has just witnessed me walking inside and closing the door.

(Dramatization Featuring Emma)

Political candidates themselves don’t seem to be too obnoxious.  They don’t usually have time (although one judicial candidate actually came back and sat on our deck with us one evening answering our questions!) and they’re not under pressure to sell anything or save my doomed soul.  It’s a great opportunity to ask them direct questions and I enjoy that a lot.  I could do without the pollsters and other politically active volunteers, though.

Last week I was in the process of dragging some very large branches out to the street when a political volunteer stopped by looking to ask the previous owner some questions.  I was busy, sweaty, dirty, and in no mood to talk to someone who hadn’t even come to talk to me in the first place!  So when the guy persisted, I actually had to scream “NO!” at him–and at that, he did a cartoon huff and actually turned on his heels and stomped off.  I was flabbergasted that somehow I was made to be the bad guy on my own front lawn!  

I was equally flabbergasted when a saleslady stopped by, put a sample product in my hand and then snatched it roughly back again when I told her she could not come in and take any of my precious time.  I actually chuckled at her and said, “You’ve GOT to be kidding, right?”  Her response, “You don’t get the gift if I don’t get to come in!”  

I really don’t want to hang a “No Solicitors” sign on my door.  Luckily, the main level of the house is 1/2 a story above street level, so I can usually get a good look at people as they approach the door and decide if I want to answer it or not.

September 17, 2008 at 2:56 pm 1 comment

What’s Better Than a Ute?

Two Utes!

In the great tradition of passing down an “old” vehicle to a teen-aged driver, I bought a new (2008 Summer Edition) Kona Ute and gave my old one to Kira.  Kira rides to school every day and the Ute can handle the humongous books she has to haul.  Mark also rides, but he’s doing fine on an old Trek I acquired from a Purdue student who was moving back to South America after graduating.

The one thing I wish I could do on the bike is empty the remote library drop box and haul the books down to the library when I work.  I think I found the right bike for the job, though–the Bakfiets!  Mark Stosberg, another biking Hoosier, pinged me recently to show me his family’s use of the bakfiets.  Very intriguing, but I think I’ll actually have to organize the garage before another bike is allowed to join the crowd in there!

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Benton County, Indiana– home of Fowler, Otterbein, Boswell, Oxford, Earl Park . . . . never heard of them?  How about corn and soy beans?  I’ll bet you’ve heard of those!  It’s home to a lot of corn and soy beans. Benton County has the richest farmland in the state.  And now there’s something much more exciting in this rural prairie flatland.

It is now home to the first and largest wind farm in the state.  As far as the eye can see from east of Fowler to the Illinois state line–windmills!

Pictures can’t begin to capture the majesty of these beauties.  Not all of them are operational yet, and there is a buzz of activity in the construction of many, many more.  The installation of the huge, unique poles that take the power to a transfer station includes a guy sitting on a platform attached to a helicopter, installing the pullies at the top of each pole. 

It’s worth a trip up (or down) US-52 if you get the chance.  Fowler is exactly halfway between Indianapolis and Chicago.  It’s official–there is more than corn in Indiana (Caw!  Caw!)  More about the wind farm here.

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It’s Okay . . . .

The fart smell will stay *in* their noses longer than the bacon will actually stay *on* mine.

August 24, 2008 at 11:21 pm 1 comment

Hey, Nebo Ridge Fans!

Thanks to Tim for giving us a shout-out.  And thanks for stopping by!

If you’re interested, I have a Flickr set devoted to my use of the Ute.

August 19, 2008 at 1:12 pm 1 comment

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