Life in the Bike Lane

July 23, 2008 at 2:22 am Leave a comment

Finally!  Now that Henry is able to ride his bike defensively, our lives as a full-out cycling family can begin!

As such, Joe and I bought new bikes this summer.  Well, he and Mark bought new Kona Jakes last summer, but we’re shifting those around a bit in the family.  Mark moves up to Joe’s, Kira gets Mark’s, and Joe and I bought new.

Joe’s new Jake the Snake isn’t quite ready yet, but I picked up my new Kona Jake just last week.  Mark covets it for its Purdue color scheme, but the frame is too small for him since he’s such a tall creature.  We stopped back in at the bike shop a couple of days after I picked it up, and Joe casually asked me if I had taken the Kona Ute for a spin.  My head went for a spin at that moment.  How had I missed seeing it in the shop before?  And why didn’t the sales guy ask me if I wanted to ride it when I told him I was thinking about a utility bike and leaning toward a brand they didn’t carry?  

I wanted a longtail bike in order to further reduce my dependency on cars–especially since I have resigned my position at the library effective next week!  I had been planning to wait a bit but, after riding it, couldn’t help myself.  I bought it.  We live so close to the trails, and now whatever I can’t get on foot, I can certainly haul on my new Kona Ute.  I’ve always wanted to recapture the fun we had the summer after I left GM when The Bigs were The Onlys, and we walked and rode everywhere we needed to go.

The kids actually like it, too.  It’s not as weird as they imagined it would be, I guess.  It’s actually very comfortable to ride and I can get some speed going–even while loaded up with a big bucket of coffee grounds and a gallon of milk.  My next test will be to ride it downtown and see how I do getting it back up the hills from the river to our house–with library books!  

Of course, I’m still training on the Jake, which is the most amazing non-utility ride I’ve ever owned.  But I’m also keeping track of miles and missions on the Ute, just to see how many trips in the car I am avoiding from here on out.

Edit:  I have a Flickr set chronicling my use of the Ute.


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