Let’s All Go Nuts! Robots! Robots!

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Einstein Ring First Overdrive Atlanta 2008

Kiwi, Monk and I had a great time this past weekend at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta at the First Overdrive World Competition. What an amazing event.

George Bush 41 was at the opening ceremonies. He described First Overdrive as ” . . . . like the WWF–but for smart people!” He’s right. I have been very impressed with the First organization. Seeing so many different engineering solutions to solve the “problem” (link to PDF is in the middle of the page) and compete is inspiring and just plain awesome.

West Lafayette High School Boiler Invasion Atlanta 2008

The Westside Boiler Invasion (Team 461) works twice a week throughout the year, but for six intense weeks, the kids worked from six to nine every night and all day Saturday to design, build and test their robot. They never tired of the process–and even though we didn’t see them much during that time, it was a great experience for them to work so intensely toward a goal. And they kept their grades up, too!

Spending a four day weekend in Atlanta with The Bigs was great for me. It reminded me of what it was like back when they were The Onlys. They are great kids–and the best part is that they actually enjoy hanging around with their mom. We even had a good time at the Braves/Dodgers game on Friday night–but it was funny hearing the team complain about how they’d rather be on their computers than watching a boring baseball game!

Geek Googles First Overdrive Atlanta 2008

Geeks just wanna have fun! Mark’s German welding goggles were a hit–a few of the thousands of kids there had them and sought him out for pictures. World War II Gas Mask Boy wanted a picture, too. There were only a couple of Storm Troupers walking around and one Darth Vader, but there was an entire team dressed up like Waldo (we found them pretty easily).

Kira and Anastasia Krutulis

Mom and Her Bigs

Dean Kamen, founder of First and inventor of a lot of amazing things including The Segway, gave a speech to the participants which impressed the hell out of me. He emphasized to the kids that the reason corporations and universities are sponsoring their efforts is that they are smart. They are the future innovators who are going to solve problems. In a world which glorifies celebrities and athletes, it’s good to have a place where brainpower is celebrated and rewarded.

And there’s nothing cooler (or geekier–but, hey! Geeks ROCK!) than hearing a cheer go up like “I say ‘Thomas!’ You say ‘Edision!'” “Thomas!” (“Edison!”) “Thomas!” (“Edison!”)

More on Kiwibug’s Blog.


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