1967 is Fading

There has been some major progress in updating the 1967 house:

kitchenpurplefernIn a mere five days, we’ve gone from blechy-old-kitchen to blechy-old-kitchen-which-can-now-be-seen-from-the-street-through-the-living-room-window!   The walls came out, the header went in, and I’m only two muddings away from paint.

That dark behemoth cabinet is pulled out so that the Handy Guys can mud the shortened wall.  I’d drag it out to the curb, but we’re going to need it a while longer to stow stuff away while we slowly bring the kitchen into the 21st century.  Now I can continue the flooring and start designing an island.  Entertaining is about to get a lot more fun!


December 12, 2008 at 2:10 am 2 comments

Free Day!

The kids came home from school after only two hours this morning because the transformer blew and there was no power.  That’s twice in as many weeks–apparently the area transformer has become a favorite place for squirrels to sacrifice themselves for the sake of letting the kids out of school.  


Kira and ELLIE!  (emphasis added because you have to say it LOUD!) hopped on the Utes for a cold-weather ride.  Herbie still likes it!

November 19, 2008 at 11:28 pm 1 comment

A Honeymoon After 20 Years

Joe and I just got back from our official honeymoon–and 20th anniversary trip.  We walked, cycled, observed, ate, and shopped our way around San Francisco for six days.  It was absolute perfection.

cablecarIf you’d like to see some photos, here you go!   We’re not going to wait another 20 years before we go on our second honeymoon!

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Ruby, the Teeniest of Corgi Babies

Introducing Ruby the already famous puppy!  She’s about the size of a Beanie Baby at three weeks, but way cuter.

We were able to go meet her on my birthday at the horse farm where she was born.  She’s too small to come home with us just yet.  We have to wait until her ears grow disproportionate to her little noggin so that she actually looks like a corgi and not a little bear.

She’s definitely going to be a star.  She made CuteOverload yesterday along with her sister!  

We’ve had so much fun with Herbie that we decided to add just one more pet to the menagerie.  It’s going to require some chilly times training her through the winter, but I know she’ll be worth it.

Check this out.  This is Ruby’s sister.  Pretend you don’t know what she is.

Too cute, isn’t she?  Her markings make her look like a little bear or a red panda or something.  At times, she even looks like a ferret.  Both of these little girls will be “red” in color.  The silvery black is deceiving, and they will grow “through” it, so to speak.  Ruby is likely to be more petite than Herbie, as well.  Even though Herbie is not a particularly large guy, Ruby’s parents are much smaller than he is.

We’re looking forward to teaching her tricks like Herbie.  And we are hopeful that she’ll be as talkative as he is.

A few more pics on Flickr.

November 3, 2008 at 6:59 pm 4 comments

Captain Adorable, The Bad-Ass Pirate

Henry:  How do I look, Mom?

Me (without thinking first):  You look adorable.

Henry:  I wasn’t exactly aiming for adorable.

Me:  Ooooh!  I didn’t mean adorable, I meant BAD-ASS!

Henry: I should have settled for adorable.  I’ll bet William Kidd’s mother thought he was adorable, too.

October 31, 2008 at 3:21 pm 2 comments

Happy Halloween

From our pet lobster.

Yes, we’ll have kid pictures later!

October 31, 2008 at 2:00 pm 1 comment

Starting His Day

I shouldn’t wonder how Henry seems to know things that are far beyond his seven-going-on-eight years.  Nothing goes better with his morning decaf latte than The Wall Street Journal.

This morning, he was enthralled with the article concerning how business travelers are using smart phones instead of laptops.  With a dad who travels and uses both iPhone and MacBook, its relevance was obvious to him.

 Last week he came to me with the following bit of insight:  “Mom, Matt Groening is rich, but he’s not a multi-billionaire like Rupert Murdock, right?  Because he owns the whole Fox network!”  

Um, I don’t know Matt Groening’s net worth, but I can’t argue with that logic.  He throws around comments like that in passing–like a periodic trivia brain dump.  And then he skips off and goes back to playing with his Star Wars characters or reading his collection of Peanuts comics.

The only thing that has changed since he used to sit with his mini decaf latte (yes, he has loved the taste of coffee since he was a baby!) and his Washington Post every morning is that now he can actually read!

October 27, 2008 at 3:40 pm 2 comments

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